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Terada Plants Interior Plant Styling Rep

Terada Masako and I at Todaiji Temple


Take care of yourself, like you take care of your plants...
with patience, consistency and love

- Terada Masako

Named after my grandmother, Terada Masako,

Terada Plants is born to spread the wisdom, determination and love for plant care that she has generously taught me during my childhood in Japan.

Terada Masako was born and raised in Osaka, now settled in Nara Japan. Every time I visit her, we go to Nara Park (particularly Todaiji Temple) to be immersed with nature. After some inspiration, we go to the market to pick out new flowers and plants to pot in her garden that she has curated over the last 30 years.

She is the reason why I have become the woman I am today, and to thank her for everything she has done for me, I wanted to name my brand after her.

I hope she is proud of me as I am grateful of her.


plant care : self care

Plants in your environment give us a sense of warmth, positivity and timelessness. People are always drawn to greenery because of the benefits they give physically, mentally and metaphysically.


Terada Plants specialises in interior plant styling services especially for new plant parents who are looking to design a warm, productive and positive environment.

Start your plant journey with us today!

Terada Plants Interior Plant Styling Rep



Being of Japanese descent, born in Hong Kong & grown up in Melbourne Australia, Natsumi's diverse upbringing gives her the advantage of connecting with people from multicultural backgrounds. Growing up in a Japanese home & having to adapt to both Hong Kong & Australian culture, Natsumi examined the benefits of plants & their correlation to our holistic wellbeing in our environment. 

This took her to the path of education in Behavioural Studies & Interior Architecture.  With her experiences, Natsumi has the knowledge of understanding spatial design, colour palette & texture selections that can match with existing conditions.

Now, Natsumi is determined to promote wellbeing through plants. Whether it is building a community of plant parents, or creating a platform for plant care rituals, all services will be tailored around our connection between plant care and self care.

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