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plant care : self care

about terada therapy

educating plant needs
& building a community

whether you are a beginner, or a plant expert,

terada therapy is a safe space for all types of plant parents to learn the practice of nurturing their plants,

all the while tapping into our holistic wellbeing and self care

with the tools & resources, we provide workshops that will encourage new or existing plant parents to understand the needs of our plants

see our list of workshops below

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plant care 101 workshop

1.5 hours interactive session on the subject:

• Why Plants Matter
• Easiest Plants to Care For

• Common Plant Problems & Solutions

• How to Water, Trim, Propagate & Clean

Bring a complimentary plant home!

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Terada Plants x The Hive Kennedy Town Live Sketch Event 20230516 _026.jpg

live drawing session

Whether you are a beginner or want to build your portfolio, this workshop is perfect for all art lovers. Just bring along your artistic mind and let your creativity flow!

Learn how to draw leaves, plants or barks and learn about plants along the way.

Time: 1.5 hours

Drawing materials provided

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